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Oak Forest Montessori School is a peaceful community committed to providing a respectful environment which, through love, promotes a positive and healthy development of
children and families.

Oak Forest Montessori School in Longview Texas welcomes you and your child to the exciting adventure of discovery and learning through the Montessori Method. We are located at 2000 Greenleaf, Longview TX 75605. Montessori is an educational experience rather than a daycare service. As a private school, we offer a year-round educational program designed to promote the physical, social, cognitive and emotional development of children. Our philosophy is based on love and respect for each child as a special and unique individual. We hope this website will serve as a guide to our school's goals and policies. We believe you will be delighted that you have chosen the Montessori approach to learning and we look forward to knowing you and your family.

Oak Forest Montessori School is designed to fill the individual needs of children ages 8 weeks through Kindergarten. The school is modeled after what Dr. Maria Montessori called "the prepared environment", an environment which possesses order and logic. These first years of school encourage a child's natural enthusiasm and love of learning. "Learning by doing", as called by Dr. Montessori, encourages practical applications and use of materials designed for that purpose. Children develop at their own pace and according to their own capabilities.

This educational program fully incorporates the Montessori philosophy. Montessori methods and materials are used in all classrooms. We achieve our educational and social goals through one-on-one instruction, small group lessons and a variety of activities based on Montessori principles. Children are guided toward a state of self-direction.

Oak Forest Montessori School provides before and after school care for our students as well as an after school program for elementary students from public school. Public school students can do homework and all children partake in planned activities, socializing with friends or just relaxing. We also offer a theme based, well planned, full day Summer Program.

Hours of operations: 7:00am - 6:00 pm Monday - Friday (year round program)

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