Meal times are a social experience and an opportunity to refine manners. It is a time to enjoy pleasant conversation and food. The children’s work at school is directly affected by the nutritional quality of their meals. Teaching our children the importance of good eating habits while they are very young will benefit them for the rest of their lives. OFMS provides a morning and afternoon snack. We ask that parents provide a lunch each day. Details to follow.

Please be sure and label all containers, utensils, etc. as they can easily be lost or misplaced in a group setting. Parents are asked to send nutritional food in proportions that are appropriate for their child. If food is in the proper containers we will return any uneaten food so you will know how much your child has eaten. Please do not send any food or soft drinks containing sugar such as soda, candy, or gum. Always include a cold pack to ensure freshness. We are able to microwave meals but please limit what you send to foods that can be heated in a minute or less. Utensils must be sent each day for your child to use during lunch.

*The Oak Forest Montessori School is not responsible for the nutritional content of student lunches.*

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